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Typical Liberal Morals Displayed by NY Mayor

The Daley Gator posted an incident of a racially charged drunken tirade perpetrated by a black democrat mayor that has been curiously absent from national newscasts. Perhaps it does not fit the desired narrative of the lamestream national media that portrays all things conservative as racist . According to Steven Langford of CBS2 in New York, Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins was arrested on November 16th, on suspicion of drunken driving.
(Watch You Tube video of Gordon Jenkins’ Drunken Tirade)

Warning: Excessive Profanity is Used

It is apparent that Mayor Jenkins used poor judgement in becoming intoxicated, operating a motorized vehicle, and then unloading countless expletives on those that enforced the law. However, judging from Mayor Jenkins’ twisted take on the military coup in Egypt, one has to wonder about the capacity of his judgement when sober as well. He refers to the actions of the Egyptian military as thwarting democracy.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Hiba Attia

The Egyptian military was opposing the Muslim Brotherhood, whom were quite occupied with hurling Christians off of rooftops. Perhaps the mayor being interviewed by a lady with a burka should be the first clue that Gordon Jenkins does not support the plight or position of Egyptian Christians who are being persecuted and/ or executed for their faith.

(H/T: The Daley Gator, Carmen Rue, and Hiba Attia)

Union chief Richard Trumka Deplores Syrian Slaughter, but was Silent on Slaughter of Coptic Christians

Union chief Richard Trumka says the he deplores the slaughter of people taking place in Syria, according to    However, the AFL-CIO President failed to speak up when the Muslim Brotherhood was slaughtering thousands of Christians in Egypt.  Of course, it’s common knowledge that the slaughter of Christians is a goal shared by Muslims and Communists.  The silence on this particular act should come as no surprise.  While at the helm of the AFL-CIO, according to Matthew Vadum at, Trumka helped repeal a longtime rule that banned Communists and fellow-travelers from leadership positions in the organization and its unions. The move to open the previously patriotic union to subversives delighted the Communist Party USA. “The radical shift in both leadership and policy is a very positive, even historic change,” CPUSA National Chairman Gus Hall said in 1996.

(H/T:  Politico, FrontPageMag)

Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda NOT Moderates

This article is a re-post from Roby’s Right Corner.

The claim by naive pundits that “[m]oderate opposition forces … continue to lead the fight against the Syrian regime is just not based in reality.  Jamie Weinstein at The Daily Caller quoted Middle East expert Johnathan Spyer’s analysis of the situation on the ground in Syria as follows:

Spyer said, “when one looks at the armed rebel groups, one finds an obvious vast majority there who are adherents of Islamism of one kind or another — stretching from Muslim Brotherhood-type formations all the way across to groups openly aligned with al-Qaida central and with al-Zawahiri.”

The term “moderate” is to be said in a tongue-in-cheek manner as the animals of the Muslim Brotherhood toss Christians off of rooftops and send them plummeting to their deaths.

This morning, according to Erica Ritz at The Blaze, Glenn Beck summed the situation very well on his morning radio program.  “I remember how many of us used to have bumper stickers on our car that said ‘never forget,’ yet last night the president of the United States asked this country to back military action where our coalition would be made up of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al‑Qaeda,” he said. “Never forget. Would we have allowed ourselves to fight in Japan with the Nazis?”

Americans should contact their U.S. Representatives and Senators.  The United States of America has no business aligning itself with the terrorists within the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.  Military action that takes place in Syria without congressional approval should be grounds for impeachment proceedings.  There are no worse atrocities than the genocide of Christians.  Those atrocities have been ignored by Barack Obama, yet he is ready to go to war over the killing of the same enemies to America that perpetrated the tragedy at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the crashed jetliner in a Pennsylvania field, and was responsible for the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen.   It’s time for Americans to say, “No more!!”  When Vladimir Putin sounds more credible than our own President of the United States, it’s time to seriously question what kind of imbeciles are supposedly protecting the sovereignty of our great nation.

(H/T:  Jamie Weinstein/ The Daily Caller Erica Ritz/ The Blaze, and Arabi Souri/ SyriaNews)

European Jihad in Syria

Shayn Roby’s Take: Christians are being killed by Al Qaeda in Syria, just as they were by the Muslim Brotherhood was in Egypt. This is where Barack Obama has placed his support. One who fails to connect these dots has achieved the designation as naive, and should probably check to see if their intelligence quotient is below 80.

Syria: No Moderate Muslim Coalition in Existence

President Obama seems intent on attacking Syria with missile strikes, even though to do so would align the United States with the radical Muslim Brotherhood and the even more militant Al Qaeda.  Although Mr. Obama claims the strikes would be made for humanitarian reasons, he has yet to address the genocide of Coptic Christians by Al Qaeda.  Unfortunately, no one can promise that an effort to use force to neutralize Assad’s chemical stockpiles would be surgical and antiseptic – two attributes upon which Mr. Obama seems fixated.  Even if we actually know where all of them are (including those Saddam Hussein is believed to have covertly transferred to Syria before we liberated Iraq), blowing up the caches will almost certainly result in some of their deadly contents being released downwind,”  said Frank Gaffney, Jr. of the Center for Security Policy.

Video uploaded to You Tube by SecureFreedom

Gaffney’s colleague at the Center for Security Policy, Andrew C. McCarthy wrote in his editorial at National Review Online,there is no national interest in seeing one set of America’s mortal enemies prevail over another, while there is merit in letting them beat each others’ brains in if that’s what they’re determined to do.”  

President Obama and John McCain are naively hoping for a moderate Islamic group to come into power that does not exist (or at least not in sufficient number to ably seize power). Andrew McCarty summed it up best when he wrote,”Do we keep pretending, à la John McCain, that jihadists are “moderates” we can work with, that their Allahu Akbar!-raving aggression is no different from the religious devotion of average American Christians?”  It is the prayer of the editor of that the Lord grants Barack Obama and John McCain the wisdom to grasp the concept that there is no such thing as moderate Islam.  In short, any military action that involves fighting alongside the Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists should be questioned boldly and approached with intense, cynical scrutiny.

An Open Letter to President Obama Regarding Syria

Making a comparison between pesticides and using chemical weapons is a monumental stretch that just doesn’t wash. However, what is even MORE appalling is Barack Obama’s continued tendency to ignore the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and their sister organization Al Qaeda continue to slaughter Christians. It’s curious that Mr. Obama moved to cut off military aid to Egypt once it was evident that the Muslim Brotherhood no longer was in power. Barack Hussein Obama has yet to address the slaughter of Christians in Egypt, nor in Syria. It’s a one hundred percent certainty that he won’t either. The editor of will stick with that call, and is quite confident that he will never have to issue an apology or retraction to the contrary after making such a statement.
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(H/T:  Dana Loesch)

Al-Qaeda Promises To Slaughter Christians After Obama Helps Topple Assad…

Just as the Muslim Brotherhood did in Egypt after Mohammed Morsi assumed power, Al-Qaeda Promises To Slaughter Christians After Obama Helps Topple Assad…. The hypocritical Obama administration has made such a stir about the murder of Syrian rebels by the Assad regime.  However, when it comes to the killing of Christians in Syria, the same blind eye of Barack Obama has turned away from these atrocities, just as it was in Egypt.  In Egypt, once the Christian-slaughtering Muslim Brotherhood was kept from perpetrating their tyranny by the Egyptian military, Obama began urging that military aid be cut.  Anything that stands in the way of the advancement of power for The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda seems to always be a likely obstacle for Barack Hussein Obama to try to remove from their paths in order to assist their rise to prominence.