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Documents: Eric Holder Has Billed Taxpayers For More Than Million In Travel In Less Than 4 Years…

Documents: Eric Holder Has Billed Taxpayers For More Than Million In Travel In Less Than 4 Years….

Judicial Watch released the documents Monday, showing that the attorney general billed his agency more than $113,000 in travel expenses for four trips he made, while in office, to speak to liberal advocacy groups.

HOlder Spoke of a Gunrunning Program in Mexico, then claimed that he had no knowledge of it in front of Congress.

The attorney general’s first trip on the taxpayers’ dime involved a speech about a gun running interdiction program that led to Operation Fast and Furious, an operation about which he later claimed to have no knowledge. Photo: Lake Co Sheriff’s Department

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Investigation reveals IRS still badgering conservatives

Shayn Roby’s Take: The tyrannical reach of the Obama administration knows no restraint nor bounds. It is time for impeachment. The IRS scandal is pure Chicago thuggery and extends all the way to the top, as do several other scandals under the watch of Barack Hussein Obama, one of which he used Executive Privilege, in essence linking him to the whole affair.

U.S. Constitutional Free Press

As Congress investigates the Internal Revenue Service for targeting and badgering conservative groups seeking tax-status designations, and even attacking conservative groups that already had their status letters, Americans can be confident such activity has halted, right?


A new report from the Thomas More Society reveals that the organization has submitted additional information to U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., who is on the House Committee on Ways and Means, detailing continuing targeting by the IRS.

The organization’s report, updated Thursday, explains its first legal memorandum was submitted on May 16, 2013, reporting “salient details of several legal cases handled by Thomas More Society which indicate that the harassment of ‘conservative’ non-profit organizations by the Internal Revenue Service … extends will beyond ‘tea party’ and ‘patriot’ groups and includes ‘pro-life’ or ‘anti-abortion’ groups…”

“Since the IRS scandal became public, Thomas More Society has been contacted by numerous other groups seeking legal…

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Judge Jeanine Pirro Rips Obama Administration Over Litany of Scandals and Lies

VIDEO: Judge Jeanine Pirro On Obama’s ‘Phony Scandals’ Speech – Opening

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Sharpton Says Obama And Holder Promised Him They Would Attack States With Voter ID Laws During “Unprecedented” White House Meeting…

Sharpton Says Obama And Holder Promised Him They Would Attack States With Voter ID Laws During “Unprecedented” White House Meeting….

The fact that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder gave even one minute of their time to professional race baiter Al Sharpton says everything one needs to know about the current president and attorney general.  They both buy into the race baiting game and have both demonstrated that that indeed is the case through their actions.  President Obama said, “If I had a son, he might look like Trayvon.”

Video uploaded to You Tube by ABCNews

Also, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice helped organize and provide security for a rally that protested the non-arrest of George Zimmerman by local and state officials in Sanford, Florida, even though the available evidence of the case did not warrant prosecution for murder, or even for manslaughter.   Notwithstanding the irrefutable evidence that both Barack Obama and Eric Holder are race-baiters, the specter of the Democratic Party seeking to relax immigration law and/or failing to enforce it in the hope of buying votes with entitlement programs (such as SNAP) is very real.  There is a reason that the current administration is fighting so very hard to eliminate identification requirements for voting.  It’s because the terms “felon” and “illegal alien” are almost synonymous with “unregistered Democrat”.

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The REAL Trayvon Martin: Troublemaker, Instigator, and There is VIDEO AND PICTURES TO PROVE IT.

The REAL Trayvon Martin: Troublemaker, Instigator, and There is VIDEO AND PICTURES TO PROVE IT.  The mainstream media suppressed this information before the George Zimmerman trial.  It is fitting that Barack Hussein Obama would say that if he had a son, that Trayvon Martin would look like him.  Pictures of Trayvon flipping the double bird, directing his fight club, smoking weed and drinking ‘Lean’, and acquiring those twelve pieces of jewelry with the huge screwdriver in found in his backpack by Miami Dade Public School Police are EXACTLY the types of images that come to mind when thinking about Barack Obama and the criminal syndicate more commonly known as The Democratic Party.

Palin Blasts ‘Cowardly’ Obama for Calling Admin’s Scandals ‘Phony’

Palin Blasts ‘Cowardly’ Obama for Calling Admin’s Scandals ‘Phony’.  If our cowardly so-called Commander-In-Chief doesn’t like the SNAFUs of his administration to be referred to as ‘scandals’, then perhaps he should not exert executive privilege over them like he did in a response to a Congressional subpoena regarding Operation Fast and Furious, or like he did when he blamed the slaughtering of brave Americans at the consulate in Benghazi on a third rate, low budget internet movie making fun of his beloved child molesting ‘prophet’ Mohammed.  Perhaps Muslim Barry feels that using the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative Americans and conservative leaning non-profit organizations with Gestapo type intimidation tactics during an election cycle is not a scandal.  Perhaps in Obama’s Chicago style politics, the use of thuggery does not constitute a scandal.  Sarah Palin hit the nail on the head.  Barack Hussein Obama has plenty of time to defend a thuggish teenage fight club referee/ burglar on his way home from buying the Skittles and Raspberry Arizona drink for his ‘Lean’ Robitussin concoction, but he doesn’t have time to make the call to bail out American soldiers and diplomats.

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They’re killing Christians in the name of ‘God’

They’re killing Christians in the name of ‘God’.  Thousands of Christians are being killed at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East.  That’s right, the SAME Muslim Brotherhood that the Obama administration sent $1.5 billion to is committing genocide against Christians with reckless abandon.  The hypocrisy of Muslim Barry is astounding.  The Islamist-in-Chief took the time to misrepresent the facts of the George Zimmerman case in an attempt to create a smokescreen that would deflect attention away from the multiple treasonous scandals in which he and Attorney General Eric Holder are involved:   IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA/Verizon, AP/Rosen.  If you had the time to spend, the list goes on.  He (Obama) showed so much concern for the death of a young thug who got himself shot while jumping a “gay rapist”, and yet he shows no concern for the death of countless Christians that he personally sponsored by providing support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Christian Genocide:  Bought and Paid for in full by the Obama Administration

Christians are being brutally murdered at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Image Credit:  Reuters

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