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Student Punished for Feeding a Homeless Child

Shayn Roby’s Take:  The editor of ShaynRoby.com applauds the actions of the child that got into trouble for helping another human being out with some food. However, the 800 pound gorilla in the room still must be dealt with. The seventeen year old was in the country illegally. It’s not RACIST to expect that our border security should be honored and respected. The student should not be punished by the school. However, the seventeen-year old homeless illegal alien should be sent back to his home country, along with all others who violate immigration law. We are a nation of laws. Those who want to be a part of it need to follow the laws and come here the right way. That’s not BACKWARD. That is protecting the sovereignty of our nation from those who would seek to make the United States into a Third World nation that resembles the one that they just came from.


1378492717797I am not one to be quick about throwing down the race card, because frankly I feel that it’s pulled out just a little too much these days.  But there are times when it’s just blatantly obvious and for that reason among many others I am putting Horry County Schools in South Carolina on BLAST.  One student has been suspended while another is being sought on criminal charges and why?  Because one child is homeless, also not a student; and the other spent his lunch break feeding him out of the same car that he was allowing him to live in.  The name of the good Samaritan student has been withheld, but I find it very discriminatory that the name of “criminal” in this case is Santos and has been smeared all through the media even though he is still a minor and no consent has been given.  It has…

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Liberal Zombies Sign Petition to Release Illegal Alien Rapists and Murderers from American Prisons

Mark Dice, a conservative political activist who manages to get liberal zombies to sign outrageous petitions has done it again.  In repeated displays of limited cranial function, mindless liberal zombies signed a petition to allow for the release of illegal aliens from prison, even if they had committed violent crimes such as armed robbery, rape, or murder.


“Help get the illegals out of prisons and jails, and support Obama.” Dice asked one man, handing him the petition to sign while out on the street in San Diego.

“Yeah why not.” the man replied without question.

Dice then pushed even further by stating, “They deserve a second chance. Murderers, burglars, rapists.”

Still the man continued to fill in his details in support of the proposition, stating “Yeah I hear what you’re saying.”

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(H/T:  Steve Watson/ InfoWars.com)

Immigration reform would boost value of homes, Obama tells Phoenix crowd – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

Immigration reform would boost value of homes, Obama tells Phoenix crowd – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.  Barack Obama wouldn’t be able to stand  in Chula Vista, Santa Ana, or Los Angeles, CA and proclaim that immigration has raised property values.  Illegal immigration has caused gangs to flourish.  These cities are a battle zone, where crime abounds.  The Obama administration is publicizing the availability of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program to immigrant families at American embassies in Latin American nations, including Mexico.  Encouraging more families to come to the United States to receive public assistance will DROP property values, and in the process make the rest of the United States into one big Fast and Furious nightmare.   The savage drug cartels will feel even more at home and emboldened, as the Obama administration goes out of its way to extend citizenship to this sub-human criminal element.



Buck up, Baby…Illegal ‘Buckeyes’ Gets Top Spot

Shayn Roby’s Take: The United States must take care of its own babies. It must protect them and allow them to be born. By the same token, the sovereignty of the United States must be protected. That means amnesty must not occur. Those who are here illegally should be deported when it is discovered that they are undocumented, PERIOD.


Illegals – Democrats call ‘undocumented’ – are people here in the United States ILLEGALLY and is forcing every one of us to pony up the dough and look the other way. And for the record, all of my family were immigrants…and unless you are a Native American (and I’ve got a smidge of that, too), you are descendants of immigrants. And mine came here legally, without any entitlements or handouts.562035_10152192731525254_929532057_n

Aborting unborn Buckeye citizens is the path of least resistance in the immigration war?

As I sift through liberal garbage that is passed off as journalism, I find these bits and pieces of news blab and put the puzzle pieces together to form what is the actual BIG PICTURE, not the one they want us to see. Liberals want us to see teary-eyed ‘undocumented’ immigrants that insist (not need) on our help to force more tax strains on legal citizens…

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Immigration Agents Raise Questions on GOP’s DREAM Act Efforts | Matthew Boyle/Breitbart

Immigration Agents Raise Questions on GOP’s DREAM Act Efforts.  Congressional legislation has been made irrelevant by the selective enforcement of our laws by the Obama administration.

Karl Rove, 100+ GOP Donors Send Letter to Republicans Urging Immigration Reform


Rove the RINO

Karl Rove is a fair weather conservative at best, and is guilty of ensuring that Planned Parenthood has received funding.

Image Credit:  ToBeRight.com

Karl Rove, 100+ GOP Donors Send Letter to Republicans Urging Immigration Reform.  Karl Rove is to be trusted even less than Barack Obama, which puts him in league with Benedict Arnold.  Mr. Rove favors selling the United States out and making it more like Mexico.  He also is a supporter of the agenda of Planned Parenthood (actions speak louder than words) , one of Barack Obama’s and  Lucifer’s favorite (so-called non profit) organizations.

(H/T:  Tony Lee/Breitbart and Steven Ertelt/LifeNews.com)

Rubio: Right on Obamacare, but Wrong on Immigration

Shut Down ObamaCare, Not Government | RedState.  Marco Rubio is absolutely right in stating that defunding Obamacare should be a condition of short term funding for the federal government.  However, Senator Rubio is on the wrong side of another debate which is equally as devastating to the United States economically.  He is willing to allow America to become a Third World Country by supporting the amnesty of illegal aliens.  Rubio is now the leading Republican in the U.S. Congress pushing for illegal aliens to be given the earned path to citizenship that he himself insisted was “code for amnesty” only three years ago.  He lied to the voters of Florida as his position has evolved since 2010.  During a debate with opponents Rep. Kendrick Meek and Gov. Charlie Crist, candidate Rubio argued that giving illegal immigrants an “earned path to citizenship,” which Crist, Sen. John McCain and former President George W. Bush had advocated, is basically amnesty.

Sarah Palin had this to say about Rubio’s evolution on the issue:

Sarah Palin Rips Marco Rubio on Amnesty Reversal

Image Credit: Twitter via Twitchy

(H/T:  Erick Erickson/Red State, Leah Barkoukis/Townhall.com,and Dave Urbanski/The Blaze)